we are a limited company with social values

Our social goals

Provide employment and training opportunities for local people who are long term unemployed or furthest removed from the workforce in Caerphilly and the surrounding areas

To increase self esteem, build skills and confidence of individuals working with GR Cleaning to reintegrate them into the workforce and play a more economically active role in the wider society

Our values

Customer Focused – fresh approach to all your cleaning requirements

Experienced Staff – dedicated and skilled in a wide range of commercial cleaning practices

Flexibility – our team of staff work flexibly on days and times to suit your needs

Mobility – we have dedicated vehicles to travel to your premises

Competitive – competitive rates to suit your budget

Social Responsibility – as a social company we pride ourselves on investing in local people, local communities and providing a dedicated local service to our customers.

“To provide professional, high quality and valued cleaning and facilities management services which offers training, skills development and a route to employment for those excluded by circumstance from employment”